Day  9 Flagstaff to Holbrook Az.

  5/16/2016-Monday: I think if you could give a touring cyclist the perfect day for a 92 mile ride in the Arizona desert, today would be it! We left Flag at 730AM with 45 degree cool clear sky’s. The best part – trailing wind that at times had us hitting 30 mph without peddling! Remarkable!  The only bummer was we were on I/40 East most of it! Lots of big rigs and lots of road debris. I had my only flat in the 1st 10 miles . The group count was 22 today. Why? Well the truck tires that fly off trucks and land on the side of the road also unravel their steel belted tread and small pieces of the metal are everywhere . These really do damage! Still, I don’t want to fool anyone, 92 is still 92 miles. 

This stretch of I-40 is the modern replacement in Arizona for the legendary Rt. 66. The hx Of 66 is a fun short read. Erected to get folks from Chicago to Santa Monica Ca in 1929 it transported America and esp. Post depression and dust bowl America west. It was famous for the TV show and song ( I get my kicks on Rt. 66). It glory ended in 1985 and along with it many of the cities we passed thru today. We stopped in Winslow made famous by One of my favorite songwriter Jackson Brown when his car broke down and he spent the day “sitting on the corner” in Winslow. Less famous but equally unique was JackrabbitTrading Post – a true throw back to the old 66 days of Navajo beads and trinkets. The owner was a quiet lady struggling to make it in a changing economy. The whole off the interstate world is poor and has seen its days pass by. A mix of Indian tribes and small local businesses.  And just into our final destination, Holbrook,  we saw one of three remaining Wigwam Motels in the USA . They are concrete Teepees with a 8 ft ceiling, bed, sink and shower- wonder what that’s like when it’s 100 degrees out? Check out the photos. Paul saved the day with his Dairy Queen  treat- a cold coffee cappuccino- awesome- as the ride ended


6 thoughts on “Day  9 Flagstaff to Holbrook Az.

  1. Great pictures!!! Keep up the pictures of your ride and how about a picture of the truck and crew following you???


  2. Hey what’s with the iced coffee at the DQ? Aren’t you supposed to get blizzards at DQ? Not sure I like your new girlfriend with the big grey ears – she pribsbly won’t talk your ear off though!!! Lol. Looks like a great ride day. Arizona is so beautiful and so diverse. Love the pictures. Keep on trucking!!! House is still standing after the massive party Shannon and I had here! We will try and replace everything before you get home. Love hugs and kisses.


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