Day 44: Syracuse to Herkimer NY

6/20/2016:  Happy first day of summer! My buddy Paul informed me that we are not only experiencing summer solstice but also a full moon tonight- a rare combination and often called the strawberry moon! It’s getting cloudy here in Herkimer so if anyone happens out and does see this rarity– send us a photo!! It was a great riding day but hot and humid weather dominated the day. My good friends from So Cal and brothers, Craig and Brent Riker came into the area to basically accomplish 2 things– see their brother Dale and his wife Barb who live in Brattleboro, Vt., and to ride with our group for 3 days . Mission accomplished today! The new guys jumped right into the ride and as the day progressed everything heated up! A bit of testosterone and ego mixed with good competitive fun and wala– a nice, quick last 25 miles ended today’s ride. Everyone was drenched, dry of mouth,red of face and wearing smiles —  It was a cyclist dream ending  to a  terrific biking day! When you are moving that fast pictures are at a minimum, but I have a few of the countryside and the Mohawk River — Erie Canal and one of the locks in Herkimer. I also want to share how this blog is reconnecting me with good friends and bringing back memories for them. One of my good buddies and Med school classmates – Gary Agia is riding along with the blog and yesterday I posted a photo of Camillus NY  and mentioned the Erie Canal path we were riding along. Well Gary commented back that he lived there in Camillus from 4th grade to soph HS , fished the canal, and that his father owned a grocery story on Main St.!! How is that for stirring up some really great stuff, thanks Gary! The herd of riders in the photo below is everyone stopped to figure out a surprise road closure– once the road changes were figured out the Peleton really let loose, but not before 2 really strong women riders, Mary Claire and Barb (alias Laverne and Shirley) just sped past  all of us and casually screamed “what’s the big hold up boys??!!Or some words to that effect-!!!

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