Day 45: Herkimer to Latham, NY

6/21/2016-Tuesday: We had thunder, lightening and minimal rain overnight but awoke to a much cooler morning with clear skys and again trailing winds! We Saw our first good example of the locks along the Erie Canal and Mohawk River when we enteredLittle Falls about 7 miles into the day . I hope the photos do justice to the beauty of the River and the area. The whole day was spent riding Rt. 5 and much of it right beside the river . In the 1800’s the canal, with its horse drawn barges,was the main artery of commerce and travel for this valley. Then the powerful train system redefined the river cities forever! It is a beautiful area with mature trees, farmers working their hay fields and a scattering of outdoors activity on the river. We wore our Team Godfather — Bike 4      Mike bike kits — possibly for the last time as a big group! Tomorrow Kevin and I will visit our ALS patient and lend him some support and hopefully he will inspire us and each of you to continue to work to find a cure. We only have 2 full riding days left– I think I’m about to suffer a serious case of bike withdrawal but there are plenty of other adventures out there! The people on a trip like this can make or break how things turn out– this group has been phenomenal, with no one complaining, everyone helping each other if it be changing  flat tires, lifting luggage or raising the spirits of another rider who might be having a bad day! Good stuff and lots of new friendships for sure!

8 thoughts on “Day 45: Herkimer to Latham, NY

  1. Your adventure journey is about to end but it sounds like you have had a GREAT adventure. Congratulations on completing the ride across the US and we hope you have reached your goal for ALS!!! In regards to ALS, it is a horrible disease. We looked it up, of course your friend may be too advanced with the disease, but the current research talks about Human Growth Hormone, IGF-1 insulin growth factor, and gene therapy. Have a save trip home and of course we have lots of questions about your trip, but we will wait until you are decompressed.
    The Isleys


  2. You look great, JQ, Still smiling and enjoying this amazing endeavor. Inspirational. The photos have been awesome to view. Almost there! Can’t wait to hear your stories from the source


  3. Homestretch Quig! Thank you for taking us all along with you on this grand adventure, not to mention your support of ALS research. Well done to you all. Hope to see you soon back in San Diego. Best, Holly and Mike


  4. Well Jim, I am astonished as to what you and your cohorts have achieved.

    Over the years I saw many ALS patients who developed respiratory failure from this disease. In my 35 years of practice I estimate between 15 and 20 patients were cared for by me while receiving in home ventilation for this horrible disease. There is nothing more difficult to witness then the muscle wasting and deterioration these patients must endure .

    I have really enjoyed “being along for the ride”

    Thank you, be well, best wishes for you and your family.

    Some day I hope ALS will be a curable neuro degenerative disorder.

    I am proud and honored to have known you .

    Gary Agia


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