Let’s Ride

I just flew home to Philadelphia to attend a family funeral and on the way back I was sitting by the window thinking a lot about my family and what had just transpired in the few days I was there.  The skies were pretty clear after we left Dallas, April 12th, on the second part of my return trip. As I flew over the vast stretch of desert below, I was suddenly jolted by the desolate landscape  and the magnitude of what I was about to begin on May 8th. Fortunately, I will be traveling with 24 other “crazy & fun loving bicycle enthusiasts” across that very desert and beyond. We are part of a well organized and fully supported ride run by CrossRoads Cycling out of Colorado. They have been conducting similar trips for over 20 years.  A van will assist those who truly need help (nope-a flat tire will be all my responsibility) and there are times when injury or illness or thunder and lightening might require some or all of us to hitch a ride for some part of the tour. Will I cycle the entire distance??? I certainly plan to do so, but who knows. That uncertainty is what fuels the training and has made for many restless nights of tossing and turning. But, it is also what makes this ride so special. There are, indeed, still a few real challenges left in this journey called life!

Here is our route -click on the schedule below for a day by day description.



Complete Cross Country Daily Bike Schedule