Day 47: Brattleboro Vt. To Burlington, Mass.

6/23/2016- Wednesday : This was our last full day of riding, and it was fun BUT also challenging! There was over 5200 ft of climbing, some with 12% grades but also nice descents. No one was in a mood to race this day!! Lots of great chatter, some music blared from Kevin’s small but powerful speakers and lots of time reliving the rides, thoughts of what it all means and the end of an amazing adventure! We passed , again, some beautiful mountain streams that called to me to return with fly rode in hand! There were classic New England small towns with white church steeples and old grave stones. None was cuter than Fitzwilliam New Hampshire! One more shout out to Dale and Barb Riker who hosted a terrific dinner last night for Ron and I  and Dales 2 brothers Craig and Brent who rode with us for 3 days!!

10 thoughts on “Day 47: Brattleboro Vt. To Burlington, Mass.

  1. Unbelievable. The end is in sight.Congratulations!!!!! Need to get you back to the west coast to relax and enjoy the ocean.


  2. Jim and fellow riders. Congratulations on completing tomorrow this historic ride to benefit ALS. You all are to be commended for your effort on behalf of those poor souls who have been stricken by this awful disease. As you pointed out in an earlier blog, it does make you greatly appreciate having good health as there is nothing more important because without good health life is just not the same. I certainly have enjoyed your blog, Jim, along with those terrific pictures as it helps the reader enjoy the journey without all the burned calories and sore muscles. You all should feel justifiably proud of this tremendous effort and especially so considered the cause for which you rode.

    Have a safe journey back to Encinitas and I look forward to talking with you about your ride in person!!

    Best Regards,


  3. Congratulations! How many miles for tomorrow (which apparently isn’t a full day for you, but probably everyone else not in your group)? If you ride on the Minuteman trail through Lexington wave at Davis Square to Will finishing up Tufts summer session next week. Wish I were there for the last day (couldn’t really have made it all those others). I saw Mike Myers yesterday and he said to say hit and congrats too.


    1. Thanks for your great moral support during the trip, I’ve been lucky to be physically able to do this, and did it with a great group of people and company. I look forward to reading about your adventures also- one of these rides for sure!


  4. Jim,
    Congratulations on achieving your objective this final day of riding. I enjoyed every post and comment that you provided. The best travelogue ever. Enjoy the moment and happiness with your cycling mates. You are an inspiration !

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    All the best,



  5. Dear JQ: You are a God to me! I just learned of your big adventure and am in awe of all you and Kevin accomplished physically, emotionally and spiritually on this epic trip across our country for a cause close to my heart. My dad passed from ALS in 2013. I am sorry I was not aware of your adventure to give you moral support during your journey. Wondering if it is too late to contribute to your cause to find cure for ALS?


    1. TB- I am just now trying to figure out Facebook, is that how you found out? I see you hugging a beautiful baby- right? Never to late to contribute . Go into the menu, and in the “interested in donating section” click make a donation- that should do it . Anything will help . We are just shy of $25 K which is amazing! Hope your gang is doing well.


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