Why ALS?

Some of you might ask why I chose to direct my energies to finding a cure for ALS.

Neurological Disorders, in general, have been an area of medicine that has captured my attention for some time. My wife, Denise, has a medical condition called Cervical Dystonia, which is a movement disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions in the neck. This neurological brain disorder causes abnormal movements and postures of the neck and head. The cause may be genetic or the result of trauma—no one is entirely certain and it varies with the individual. She has had this disorder for 32 years. It is a daily source of discomfort and requires her to focus every day to control the spasms.. BUT -her symptoms as severe as they are now -are not fatal. Unfortunately, ALS is fatal. Ultimately the devastation and suffering associated with ALS and its overwhelming affect on its victims and their families, convinced us to take up this cause. The story of Mike Ramirez and his courage to attack his disease head on is such an inspiration. Both Denise and I  believe that research aimed at unraveling the cause and cure for any and every disease affecting the brain can potentially result in discoveries that benefit all brain disorders. If we find a cure for ALS , maybe a cure for Cervical Dystonia will follow.


With this fact in mind, we made the decision to direct our energies in the fight against ALS. Team Godfather is a local Encinitas based Charitable Foundation made up of a small but dedicated group of people who knew Mike Ramirez personally and wanted to make a difference in his life and hopefully in the lives of others.

I believe that this local effort, in conjunction with its connection to ALS TDI (ALS Therapy Development Foundation) in Boston, provides the best use of  local donations as we all work to find a cure for ALS. Research is redefining this disease and that’s where Denise and I wanted to direct our time.

This bike trip is the perfect way to achieve that goal. Kevin McCauley invited me to be part of the local Encinitas team 2 years ago and together he and I think we can experience a once in a lifetime adventure while making a difference in the ongoing efforts to find a cure for ALS.