Day 6 Prescott to Cottonwood Az.

5/13/2016 . I better start adding the dates – the days are really running together. Leaving Prescott we could see a  snow covered Mt in the distance. It was the San Francisco Mt in Flagstaff- over 50 miles away! Clear, in mid- 70’s as we climbed about 1500ft into pines and high desert- tough ascent as usual but great curves and views back. We topped out at the 7023 ft summit of Mingus Mt just before a cooling descent into Jerome. A booming copper mining town in the early 1900s and reminded me of Virginia City near Reno. Terrific art studios and views of the red rock Sedona area in the distance. Meet a retired lawyer and his daughter riding their Harley from Newport Beach- another great way way to get to know your daughter Here’s a few pics . Got to run we’re off to Flagstaff today.

11 thoughts on “Day 6 Prescott to Cottonwood Az.

  1. We love following your adventure!!! We lived for 7 years in Phoenix and of course are very familiar with Wickenburg, Jerome, and Prescott. It will be crazy if you miss Sedona!!!


  2. Dear Dr Quigley … You kept me kicking for 20 + years, and I always enjoyed our brief but wonderful conversations of your your biking, and adventures to come … And now you are doing it ! Stay warm, dry and happy on your adventure … I will keep an eye on your travels … Thanks George Stevenson …


  3. Wonder if your biker friend knows my dad’s fraternity brother from University of AZ who is a lawyer now in SD. Good luck climbing. Remember what goes up will come down since you are going ocean to ocean 🙂


  4. Jim,
    I lost the bet… Never thought you’d make it this far. We think you should be tested along with the Russian Olympic team. Please send a sample back to Denise .

    Bionic or not, we r still pulling for you!


  5. Hi Uncle Jim!! What an incredible journey, a trip of a lifetime! It looks like you are doing well and meeting lots of nice people, and seeing some awesome scenery!! Keep sending pics and keep up the great work!!!
    Monica Quigley


  6. Hey Uncle Jim… what an amazing adventure! I guess this is one way to make it back to the east coast. Good luck with climbs, descents and avoiding anything the road throws at you. We love the stories and memories you are making.


    1. Hey from one Quigley to Another – we got to keep this thing going! Great legacy’s require great vacations and traditions, otherwise you’ll never get away from the hospital for a vacation! Ride on – keep the rubber down.


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