Day 10: Holbrook Az. To Gallup, NM

5/17/2016: Holbrook can grow on you- lots of Navajo jewelry, sculpturing and petrified wood , as you see. That’s a few of our crew mimicking a revered warrior- that may have set the days tone- don’t piss off the gods or locals! Because, these rides can get crazy!! Today was nearly impossible. What the wind gods gave yesterday – was taken back today. 93 miles of wind in our faces and the constant buzz of I-40E traffic, plus I had 2 flats along that big rig freeway, to add to the assault. We all wanted out of Arizona – no one more than Kevin McCauley. Arizona did not treat him well- 3 falls, multiple flats and a chest infection that had him off the bike yesterday. He’s improved and rode today- tough. So when we got to the New Mexico border about 2:30 pm today – all smiles. Tracy the leader of the ride has this fun tradition- at every state line we sprinkle some Pacific Ocean sand at the state sign. It keeps the good luck spirits happy. Guess who forgot to do the Az. Sprinkle a while ago- right,  Kev. No worries today– sprinkle and more sprinkles. Did it work- not yet! Not more than 10 minutes into NM – it rained and then hailed! It hurt my face hail! The temp went from 58 to 38 with a wind into our face of 10-15 mph. We found a visitors center to hide in and called the van for a rescue. Play another day- hypothermia and fatigue on a busy interstate  is a ticket to the danger zone! We were about to turn in our man cards until we heard the chill factor- but one strong lady from Colorado, Lois, came prepared ( this is her 4th crossing)! She earn her own man card for sure! Tomorrow- may be more of the same- wa, WA, WA!😭

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Holbrook Az. To Gallup, NM

  1. Jim – Hopefully the New Mexico Highway Patrol will treat you more respectfully by blowing out the bike lane of all the steel spike strips for your motley band of bikers! Perhaps the calluses will build up faster than the pressure sores develop! Stay in the saddle as long as the mind and body are intact. Congratulations on a well earned state line. And congratulations on your ALS fund raising to date.


  2. Wow! Whenever i rode “big trip” rides 2 things were always the toughest: Food & Weather! Hope things improve.


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