Day 26: Topeka, KS to St. Joseph, Mo.

6/2/2016-Thurs.: Good bye Kansas, hello Missouri– or as my lifelong friend, Jim Beirne, who has lived near St. Louis for years reminded me-it sounds like Mizurah!! We spent 7 days in Kansas, the longest in any one state on this crossing. We got lucky with the weather and I’ll be back. I’ll need to bring Denise here for sure, the antique shops alone look amazing and the small towns-many are priceless flashbacks to the past. We crossed the Missouri River which was running fast and muddy from all the recent rain.  We stopped at the welcome to  Missouri sign and completed our traditional sprinkle of Pacific sand at the base of the sign. I can’t remember if I explained this necessary step to keep the travel “good luck” fairies happy , but no one is missing the sprinkling. You see the worst day in the trip and the recipient of that bad day was Kevin McCauley– who forgot his sand sprinkle as we entered Arizona. 5 flat tires and 3 crashes that day was a serious reminder to us all that there just might be some truth to that sprinkling stuff! Today the oldest member of our group, Russ Dirhl, at 77 yo, is leaving. He rode from Santa Fe to St Joe as the final part of his 3-part crossroads USA trip which he began in 2011. He is a terrific guy from Oregon who let us in on the fact that his granddaughter just won this years the Bachelor episode on ABC TV. Her name is Lauren Bushnell is you want to check it out!! Anyway, as a send off about 1 mile from the hotel we gathered behind him and our support van and like a parade we followed him in to the hotel entrance– a cool send off for a very special and very good cycling guy!! That’s him in the middle of the group shot and there’s a solo of him also– fit guy!!    


9 thoughts on “Day 26: Topeka, KS to St. Joseph, Mo.

  1. Jim – Congratulations for completing 1/2 way across America. Your daily posts are not just a statement about the beauty of our country and the great character of our people, but of someone who appreciates those moments in life that will be cherished forever. There seems to be of timelessness to your experience – I felt this during our raft trip through the Grand Canyon – awe-inspiring, focused, fun, and together.
    May the cycling Gods be with you!


    1. The gods have certainly been kind so far. Great weather, some occasional rough winds but no complaints. I am getting together w a very dear friend from grad and high school tomorrow– so fun. Tomorrow we hit 2,090 miles– we’re doing this thing!! Hope the graduation went great- where’s Alec off to next?


      1. Alec is going to NYU Caurant Institute in Manhattan for a PhD program in mathematics. I’m in SF moving Megan.She starts her clinical rotations in occupational therapy.happy riding!


  2. Welcome to my new home state of Missouri….this ain’t Kansas , Toto! While you’ll miss the hills and nostalgia of Route 66 here in southernmost Missouri, you’ll find a lot of neat towns in the north . Your team seems to be in the groove these days as you’ve built up callouses in all the right places.
    Denise and I think about you all the time here in Paris. Although the tour of Kansas you mentioned for her is somewhat appealing, she is currently looking at travel brochures at the moment for Barcelona, Sidney, and the Amalfi coast.

    – your friends at the AARP.


  3. Congratulations Jim for making it half way! Your blog is great, and Denise also keeps me updated. Travel safe! Xoxo


    1. Nancy- great hearing from you.nice to see you made it back from Europe- rumor had it Joe was busy buying a villa in Tuscany and selling the Carlsbad homestead!! Tell him real estate is cheaper in Missouri but the views aren’t as great!! Keep riding w me- hi to all!!


  4. Jim,

    Glad to see your appreciation of Missouri…
    No ocean, no mountains, no desert but some of the friendliest people and best home cooking in the world. Really cool that they made u feel welcome.

    – Kos


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