April 21, 2016

T minus 17 days. I’m ready, and I’m finalizing all the pieces to go. Such as-cool weather gear; rainy weather gear (yeah, in the rest of the country it rains after April) bike lights; tools and spare tubes; electrolyte replacement supplements-lots of stuff! Each of us is given 2 duffel bags which must weigh, together, less than 30 lbs. Our ride leader has sent us a detailed list of recommended products. We are traveling with CrossRoads Cycling out of Colorado, and they are great. I feel well guided through the preparation process. I’ve ridden endless miles since really starting  the training in October, so now it’s time to see how the body holds up day to day. Here is a photo of me at the top of Double Peak in San Marcos from just a few days ago.Our weather out here in Carlsbad has been unusually hot, and it has been a good test run since our first 2 weeks will take us through the California desert up to Sedona, Az. and over Route 66 to Santa Fe.


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