April 27, 2016

I took my bike into the shop, today, for the final check-up! Hopefully not as expensive as my Toyota usually is. My mechanic Chris Andersen, at RIDE Cyclery in Encinitas, is a rare combination of a guy with great bike smarts and honesty–I trust him completely. When you are riding on a tire that is not much wider than an inch, that’s a lot of trust.

I thought I would share a ride experience I  had a few weeks ago. I can’t keep talking about me–the topic will get boring! It’s the people you meet along the journey  that will make this FUN!!

So, at the beginning of April I found out I needed an entirely new bike, just 6 weeks before take off. I have a carbon frame bike, and the top tube on my 7 year-old Specialized Roubaix developed a “life threatening” crack in the underside of the tube. I waited a week to get my first ride in, and it is raining cats and dogs (by San Diego standards, remember). I go out anyway because I need time in the rain, and I’m riding the final 10 miles of my ride going  North on the Coast Highway and a  young guy pulls onto the bike lane ahead.  I’m in full rain gear,which isn’t keeping me dry at all, and he is in a soaked t-shirt with the words “Pain is weakness leaving the body” printed on the back!! I pull up beside him and make some remark about liking his shirt and that he’s another nut out in the storm. We start talking and I tell him I’m training to cross the USA–he says, “me too”. I say “I’m leaving in May -same reply”. As it turns out, his name is John Aceved and he just completed 4 years in the Marines with 2 overseas tours. He decided before he took a “real world” job he would do some volunteer work as a pay back. I’m thinking pay back–we should be paying him back for 4 years of “real world” risk. Anyway, in spite of his engineering degree, he is volunteering for a group called BikeandBuild.org. This group brings together volunteers from all over the USA and they build affordable homes for those in need. Because of his military experience, John was selected to be a team leader and the group will work with Habitats for Humanity and also ride the USA . His trip will start in Tennessee (1st house building site) and end in San Jose  (I believe) where they will build a 2nd home. John is totally new to cycling, didn’t even have fingerless bike gloves or a rain outfit but, hey, he’s a Marine!! I was so excited after meeting him and hearing his enthusiasm for seeing and helping around this country–I had to give him a shout out! His web site is Bike&Build@acevedjd. If anybody or any company needs an engineer –get in touch with him (in about 3 months). “One very impressive man” are the  words that come to my mind after only a brief time spent with him! Have fun John, and keep that big smile going!! Thanks.


18 thoughts on “April 27, 2016

  1. I”ll be following you on your site, Jim! I can’t wait to see those bulging leg muscles at the end of your 50 days! Be well.


  2. The day I first met you, we made an instant connection over our love of fitness and sports. Look at you still challenging yourself at the young age of …… Way to go Jim. You continue to inspire me to set fitness goals, donate my time and resources to those less fortunate and remain committed and loyal to family and friends. I am proud of what you are about to do. Godspeed and may the wind always be at your back and the road ahead all downhill. I love you Janelle

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      1. Janelle, nice hearing from you. Say hi to BILL and the gang! 6 days and counting ! You didn’t know your sister married such a nut, right!! I’ll keep the rubber down and my head up!


  3. At our age , I’m amazed at anyone willing to park himself on an 8″ unpadded seat vs a recliner, and to travel for hundreds of miles without quick access to a restroom. May the Advil gods be with you , my friend!

    – steve


    1. Don’t know how much energy I’ll have for replies after I start riding, butt(haha) I guess you want me to switch religions?? — Advil God— kind of hoping Godess, that way I can stay a Catholic!! Thanks Steve- hi to Laura for me


  4. Jim – You are living the dream! I wish you Godspeed with the hope you may cherish every moment of your passage across America. After sharing 27 years as partners at North Coast, your work as my family’s family doctor, and that wonderful Grand Canyon rapids trip, I know of your compassion, dedication, courage, toughness, perseverance, and overarching joie d’ vivre. With vicarious anticipation, I look forward to all that you witness on your great adventure!
    Best regards, Rich


    1. Geez Rich I didn’t know you were French!! I’ll try to sustain all those superlatives but you know how I get when I’m sleep deprived, and hungry–keep it all coming, this should be FUN!! Right!!??


    1. Flag is our first day off!! I should be sun bleached and delirious by about then, so give me the name of a good massage specialist and a “fatten me up” restaurant. We can meet at either one!!


    1. Missouri–yikes that sounds far away! Let’s meet in Hawaii or the Bahama’s instead. But if you’re around then Missouri it will be. Keep the encouraging words coming, because from what I hear if I can get through Kansas I’ll be a wind-whipped babbling mess!!


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