May 6, 2016

Ready or not (I think I am) we leave for LA tomorrow for a day of pre-ride activities such as: bike check-ups by the crew, orientation, safety discussions and get togethers with fellow riders and families.  It seems like we started the planning a long time ago and bang–we’re a go for take off, as they say in Houston!!

2 local Encinitas/Carlsbad newspapers ran articles today about our trip. Now how fun is that!!

The Coast News in Encinitas is owned by Jim Kydd, who was a long time patient of mine–thanks Jim  you’re terrific.

Their article can be found below, by going to Pages 25, and  continues on p. 39 using the digital numbers at the bottom

The Encinitas Advocate article was written by Jared Whitlock, who I just met this past week. His was very curious why we were riding 3400 miles,  and was very supportive of our goal to raise awareness and donations for ALS. Jared, thank you, and the Advocate, for getting behind us so quickly and completely.

Their article can be found right on the front page under philanthropy:





8 thoughts on “May 6, 2016

  1. Well, Jim, I could say break a leg, but I won’t. Not very appropriate…
    I will say I’m truly happy for you and that you’ve made your big adventure come true. You’re gonna have the best time!!!!
    Wish I could ride a couple miles with you, but then I’d have to buy a bike…..

    Glad you’re my bro in law.
    Muah. Xo, Fel.


  2. Hi Dr. Quigley! I knew you years ago when I worked for Charley Marvin. Saw the article in The Coast News and am excited to follow your adventure from Day 1. Wishing you boundless energy and tail winds.


  3. Hi Dr Quigley, This is Jose. Had to get the info and ride along your amazing trip. It seemed like yesterday you were telling me all about this trip. Can’t wait to see how well you do. Have fun and be safe. If anyone can do this, it’s you. Now go out there and RIDE!!! Jose ( Davis Pediatric Dentistry )


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