Day 1- Manhattan Beach to Riverside

Great 1st day. I got a terrific send off with lots of love and kisses from my wife, Denise and even a good buddy, Bill Doering, came by from Huntington Beach- to join in the send off. We dipped tires in the Pacific and off we went. It was a cool day, lots of stop signs but otherwise a safe, low key 1st ride. Tomorrow the desert, now the real fun!!?? Here is a cycling summary 

11 thoughts on “Day 1- Manhattan Beach to Riverside

  1. Jim, Good to hear that the first day was smooth and safe. Looking forward to daily summary. Stay safe and enjoy the moments. Ray Van Haute


    1. Gary- welcome to the ride!! Obviously I’m just catching up! The first week of desert and climbs nearly killed means everyone. Now we’re in Kansas and less intense but Tornado alley awaits. Hope you and all are well- keep commenting I need all the encouraging words!! Best jim


  2. Amazing distance, you guys! I’m lucky if I can do 6 miles on the bike (that’s ROUNDTRIP from the house and back — then nearly falling off the bike heaving and panting. I’ve forwarded your blog address to a few folks. Keep up the great work!


    1. Chris – thanks for your comments- just catching up obviously. We’re In ” the land of OZ ” right now. Bike and tires with the liners holding up beautifully!! Hold down the fort and enjoy the ride with Kevin and me – lots of Roubaix’s on this ride!! My 28’s have solved the elbow issues. Ride on!!


  3. Glad to hear of the great send-off and safe ride. I have my office and family following along also.


    1. Tony- how ya doing? Enjoying the blog? I’m just catching up on many of the comments!! I’m amazed and humbled by the following we’re receiving! I was scarred shirtless the first week in the desert but it’s coming together now! Here comes Kansas and then Missouri — we stop in Kirksville. I’ll kiss the cornerstone for you and the boys. Keep commenting and riding w me. Love the encouragement!


  4. 78 miles? You guys stop for a couple of beers. At this rate , you’ll get to the East Cosast inSeptember. Pick it up, guys, the world is watching.


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