Day 4 BLythe to Wickenburg

I’m posting early today. I do it in phases. Up at 515am – frankly a bit freaked by the upcoming ride. It’s 116 mi with some long climbs and the heat. We’ll see, I’m headed into a place where I haven’t been before. 

It’s 925pm-hardest day on a bike I’ve ever had. 116 miles . Temp Was 104 , but I got lucky no flats but legs are screaming. But Kevin ‘s day was a complete disaster. 5 flats, fell off 3 times both arms and legs scrapped up and a painful shoulder- bad, but even w that he refused to stop. Another gal was following me , hit my back wheel and went down.  she went to ER but just heard she is OK. Kevin can speak for himself- check his blog maybe. But, one very tough (and a bit crazy) dude with a pain tolerance that is outside the imagination of the rest of us. After a good shower – he cleaned up OK. We’ll see about his plans tomorrow, we climb about 4500 ft over 60 mi into Prescott. Out of the desert and into some trees– cooler temps- finally! This is how I’m coping with the desert sun- called the Da Brim hat.

15 thoughts on “Day 4 BLythe to Wickenburg

  1. Hey Jim….. What a day… I’m reminded why I choose to start the trip in Champaign IL. I feel bad for Kevin… Certainly no fun when you’re dealing with flats and road bite.. I added the tire liners today which in your case and perhaps with a little luck worked. Maybe the 28cc tires are part of the answer as well. Only 60 miles today. even with 4500 ft of climbing the day will be short. My mom died yesterday peacefully. I was there with my brother to bid her farewell.. Emotions are all over the map. Stay safe my friend.. Ron


  2. Uncle Jim- Looks like you are surviving! Way to go!!!! I like the hat. I can’t imagine keeping cool in that heat. I am sure the countryside is beautiful – ENJOY! Keep smiling and stay safe…..xoxoxox hazel and the gang


  3. Dear Dr. Quigley, I love the brim hat.. I am so happy to be able to follow your travels.. I have thought of you so often in the last years and wondered how you are and now I know.. You are awesome!!! Cindy Deninger, past patient


  4. Jim
    So impressed with the dedication of your group and your cause. Keep up the fine work and before you know it you will be savoring your memories of a job well done on the east coast. Press on my friend!


  5. Jerry-glad you enjoyed the post. It’s been a long time since I road, but it also seems just like yesterday. It was the best thing I have ever done, and I fully encourage a cycling adventure for anyone. I hope you are giving it some consideration.


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