Day 3 Indio to Blythe

Started out at 730am – cool 66 and tailwinds! We felt like pros moving along  at 25-30 mph but by 12 noon the wind gods were playing! Now they came howling from our front and on our right. With some solid Pace- lines we made it. But the Heat  is draining and unrelenting. We are pouring water on ourselves as often as possible , and at the rest stops the support team is drenching us. 2 fellows had to stop and 1 had to get IV’s today. We all agree better to be smart  and rest till another day- this isn’t a race.Here’s the numbers. Also, How do you like the latest technique for quick drying?? 

11 thoughts on “Day 3 Indio to Blythe

    1. Sam – love your comments and encouragement. Just catching up- into Oz land we go! Pray for no tornados and few lightening storms– yikes!! Keep riding I love the push I’m getting from so many friends!


  1. Finally seeing you get to work. The numbers are great so the geritol breakfast must have
    Helped. Suggest a refueling dinner of burritos
    With plenty of salsa followed by some Advil pie. Your friends at AARP are still pulling for you!


  2. Jim – the folks at the Wellness Center Spin class agree that you and the rest of the riders are AWESOME! Keep it up and how about a pic of the scenery. I have to turn the knob to the right now – big hill coming.


  3. Jim, Great adventure! Sounds like you are doing well. We only wonder where are the restrooms?? The Isleys Nextdoor.
    There everywhere if you are desperate- but, hard to find otherwise. Keep the neighbors in line, call the police if all those crazy parties last past 900pm. Ride on!!


  4. Hope I read it right from yesterday that you were maybe taking a day off. Or was it just the rest of THAT day off? And if not, when do y’all take a day off to rest and recuperate? Hope today’s ride was less taxing, but I think it was probably even hotter.


  5. Go Jim. 15mph in 100°+ heat…very impressive!! Climbing day tomorrow (thru the heat). Stay hydrated.



  6. Dare I Ask what that is that you’re drying??😂
    Pat and I are following you!! Have fun and be safe…..especially in Jerome!!🚴(different kind of bikers!!) C


  7. Great job Jim. You can do it. Freeze wash cloth the night before in a zip lock bag and put around your neck to cool off (old soccer half time trick).Keep it up!


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