Day 12: Grant to Albuquerque NM

5/19/2016: I’m starting to accept that all my personal attempts to control my little world- don’t mean much to Mother Nature. She was in control fully again today! And what a masterpiece!! 38 degrees to start- I looked like the Michelin Man with plastic lab gloves under my long fingered bike gloves , 4 layers of assorted tops, including a base layer t-shirt, a bike jersey, vest, rain jacket and a win breaker in my pocket. Any cyclist can appreciate the “layer” look! It warmed by 10 AM and New Mexico was spectacular in its beauty. We visited places that stretched back in time, the Villa de Cubero post was one, built in the 1930’s. It’s claim to fame was Ernest Hemingway stayed there . I have a photo of the original owners grandson who has run the place since 1975- quite a talker, and proud of the piece of history he is preserving. The winds again returned to make today a true delight! We stopped & ate tacos and grabbed a cold soda on a road side food truck overlooking Albuquerque in the distance, stood over the very muddy Rio Grande River,  and spent a wonderful hour off the bikes, near our rides end, in the”old town” section of Albuquerque enjoying a cold drink, visiting the always present Catholic Church and social square with vendors and playing children. I could have been in Tecate or any border town- or in the plaza area in Healdsburg in the Napa , Ca.region–nice day!

7 thoughts on “Day 12: Grant to Albuquerque NM

  1. What an adventure. Love following. Stay safe. I like your mock drying station earlier in your trip.


  2. Ride on my dear brother!!!
    Inspiring to say the least especially as I sit here on my butt in my office plowing through case after case. I wish I was on the road for a day or two with you to enjoy the scenery and excitement.
    Stay safe


    1. Janelle- wonderful to hear from you. we have a group of riders that enjoy each other’s company and laugh a lot!! This trip has been lots of work but the first 2 weeks they say are the toughest- I hope so! Did I tell you thanks for your generous donation. We’ve raised $7,000 so far! Say hi to Bill


  3. Jim…..that town looks amazing! I love old Catholic churches. Pat picked up some maps at AAA today so he could track you better!!😎


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