Day 13: Albuquerque to Santa Fe, NM

5/20/2016: another beauty! single layer cycling clothes all day , with temps in the 59-85 range.I could happily avoid most of Albuquerque but as you leave town  views of big, open high-desert vistas and distant rock formations await! Most of the morning was spent climbing- we ascended approx. 5400 ft today. We traveled along what is known as the Turquoise highway. The road is dotted with little towns that reflect the areas transition from mostly mining of coal to support the railroad industry and mineral mining. Spent the day w some buddies riding easy and together-Ted,Steve, Kevin, Paul and myself. Great SAG break at the Henderson stor in Golden, NM. we have a new member of the support team named Carol who is a gourmet cook and does wonders  with spinach, peppers, chicken and a sauce that makes a mean burrito! While at the SAG we met a guy with a outrageous BMW motorcycle  who literally has taken his fully outfitted bike from Prudhoe Bay,  Alaska to So. America and all of Europe and into the Middle East- looked like a tempting way to travel in the future! Lunch was in Madrid- which is  a hippie throw back of artists, metal workers,  bead makers and funky restaurants. We ate at the mine shaft restaurant which also acts as a museum and outdoor entertainment site. As you guessed the coal and mineral mines are inactive but resourceful people make great things happen. It was marvelous to not be on a tight schedule. This was a fun, kicked back day!  Check the photos for a feel of it! 

5 thoughts on “Day 13: Albuquerque to Santa Fe, NM

  1. Hi Jim. We look forward to getting your daily posts. We want to retrace your steps except we’ll do it in an SUV! Wishing you happy trails. Sam



  2. Hiiiii dad so awesome to read all your cool stories. Looks like you’re having a blast 🙂 you guys are quite the spectacle on the road–how fun!! Love you xoxo


    1. Shannon Marie- always a delight when I hear from you! I’m not feeling as overwhelmed as that first week in heat etc. we’re settling in a bit!! But Boston still is way East!! On to Texas, and Kansas this week!! Love ya. Dad


  3. Hey Jim, rode the Bike for Mike route last weekend, first time for me on Faraday since the water line work, nice ride (road) again. Went in to Ride for tune up and seems to be an epidemic of crack frames, they are evaluating mine today, will let you know if cracked! Today you go for 1000 miles good luck (Almost there). Gald to hear Mary’s back and I know what it’s like to hit your back wheel. C


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