Day 16: Las Vegas to Tucumcari NM

5/23/2016: It felt like a Monday- it was a work day for sure. 109 miles- really! Started out cool 56 ended at 99 degrees . But some remarkable tailwinds early and at one point on a newly paved road and at least a 1/2 mi descent I hit 47 mph! It was the fasted I ever went on a bike and the first time since my near fatal 1986 crash- I let it all go! Free at last – thank you Lord for watching out for me! We also hit 1,000 miles today! Wow. Not much else to report unless you are a cycling lover- we did pace lines w 6 of us (Kev, Steve, Ted , Sabine, Pauk and myself) and some strong winds from our Right got us trained on use of a eschalon formation- think geese and their aerodynamic flight patterns. 97 tomorrow into an unpleasant cattle yard area of west Texas. One of the staff Rick is from Texas and had a rather unpleasant description of this area with its 250,000 cattle all pent up for life -yikes! One fun stop today -an old gas station made famous in the movie- no country for old men staring Tommy Lee Jones. 

6 thoughts on “Day 16: Las Vegas to Tucumcari NM

  1. Jim,

    Looks like you guys are having a great time.
    If you’ve mapped out your trip, what’s the most miles you will do in a day.?

    Denise and I are having a great time down here in Cabo. She really misses you and we toast you all the time!

    Ride On!


    1. Well that explains the credit card bills!! Glad I cancelled that thing before I left! If you guys go fishing, Tell her to take the cement boots off that I gave her before I left also, slows the swimming down. we’ve rode our 2 longest days– oh my aching ars. 112 & 109 miles . The wind gods are in our favor so far! Don’t get too much sun!!


  2. Jim –

    The folks at Tri-City Wellness are excited at your progress and dedcation – makes our Spin class kind of puny by comparison. Congrats on the 1,000 mile mark – great country you are traveling through.


    1. Joe- great hearing from you. Some amazing and totally different landscape, people and weather. We’re so lucky- so far , tail winds making us look phenomenal on paper. Keep spinningG , I’ll keep riding!. Take care


  3. Congratulations on the 1000 miles!!! My heart kept when I read you were going 47 mph. Be careful brother💕 Thinking of you everyday


    1. I celebrated Mom’s birthday yesterday- thinking of the gang there and what a special lady she was. Having lots of hardworking fun- just like a Quigley , right! Brits are all a hoot- that sneaky sense of timed humor. Mom would have enjoyed meeting the bunch.Take care . Love Jim


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