Day 15: Santa Fe to Las Vegas, NM

May 22, 2016. The area northeast of Santa Fe is truly the “wide-open spaces”. Early in the ride we pasted the highest point on the trip, Glorieta Pass at over 7300 ft. It’s called the Getysburgh of the West. It was the farthest west site of battle during the Civil War- never would have guessed. We also stopped at the Pecos Natl. Monument. We’re getting some sight seeing in finally. Really fascinating history here . Over 1,000 years of Indian occupation and a very sophisticated community with over 2,000 people in this large Pueblo site . It is a gateway for the Plains Indians to meet and trade w the high desert ones. It was also a site of Mexican interaction w the Indians as well as the 1500-1700 efforts by the Conquistadors to enslave and introduce Catholicism into this part of SW USA. It’s location was a true crossroads for centuries!! Finished the ride on a wind aided rolling non-interstate road into Las Vegas. This is definitely not YOUR  Las Vegas! This small town had a great restaurant – Charlie’s Spic & Span- everyone was enjoying this colorful local dinner– us too! Veggie Tacos and the works!!

4 thoughts on “Day 15: Santa Fe to Las Vegas, NM

  1. Santa Fe is beautiful! I’m so glad you’ve had some time to really see this beautiful country. You all look great and continue to inspire. Stay safe!!


  2. I love this neck of the woods. Andy and I had a great time in Las Vegas, NM when we stumbled on it a few years ago. I know I’m behind on following your ride, but it’s been a fun journey catching up. And to think that you’re STILL riding while I’m writing this. Incredible – get it, Dr. Quigley! 🙂


    1. Jo- fun hearing from you again. Well LV in New Mexico sure isn’t “Vegas” but I’m sure what happens there stays there- that place probably hasn’t changed in 100 yrs. I’m thinking, if you’re sitting there at home and I’m just getting off sitting on that 8 in bike seat– you win that contest!! We are having fun and just blew through your folks new home state Missouri– great place. Keep writing! Get a bike you will enjoy it–if you live!! Mark Twain


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