Day 18: Dalhart Tx to Guymon OK

May 25, 2016: We are now into the plains area. We’re seeing more free- range cattle ( thank God) and the fields are dotted with some wild flowers and blowing grasses. The true high desert of Az., NM and the panhandle of Tx are fading behind us. We did stop for a photo of a giant statue of Tex- the local Cowboys must not appreciate his large stature– they have used they pistols or whatever to remove some of his cowboy”parts”– poor boy!! We rode through Stratford Tx just short of the OK border and stopped at the DQ (dairy queens are everywhere) . Some folks had shakes, or chicken sandwiches or a pit stop only. Outside is amazing, the heartbeat of America is all around you. Look at the photo and I hope I captured the feel- a multi- building grainery, a train stacked 2 high with shipping crates and running on longer than you can see . That and a truck lane which  we travel safely along,  with trucks traveling at 75 mph filled with cattle or freight going who knows where! The truckers are amazing drivers- if safe for them, they give us wide births often a full lane and honk approval. Even the trains are starting to rip their whistles as they pass– we are in the very heart of America- smelling the cows , pigs farm dust and hearing it all!! Ate lunch at a local place with all kinds of college banners hanging- but no Villanova  one to be seen. I’m getting one sent when I get home- the Pub on the bricks in downtown Guymon!! Many of the old main streets have brick roads– some showing clearly that they have been previously been covered w asphalt and now scrapped back to brick! No yellow bricks anywhere to be seen! The Brits are flabbergasted by the open spaces and keep asking- are we in the real America yet– I’m laughing to myself and w them saying– I don’t know for sure either– but if this isn’t it I can’t wait to see”it”.

18 thoughts on “Day 18: Dalhart Tx to Guymon OK

  1. Keep up the great work. We’re off to Katie’s graduation (and Alex’s) so might be hard to follow the next week.


  2. nice speed yesterday! new frame is on its way-Ride Cyclery putting it all back togeather, hopefully by this weekend. how has your heart rate been doing? C


    1. So, did your frame go out? Where – on the top tube? Crazy ! My heart rate is totally dependent on the pace we keep and 52 in the AM. I’m handling it all nicely now. That first week was brutal though. What frame did you get?


      1. Top of Top Tube, Must destroy the frame, take a picture and send to Specialized. Ride gets to do that. I guess I’ll see what frame and color I get on Friday. have a nice long Memorial Day (weekend) ride would you..


  3. Everybody I run into is following you and Kevin. Your the “talk of Encinitas”. Keep up the great blogs. Looks like Kansas could offer you guys some weather excitement. Good Luck #9 grandchild is finally in this world, both Elizabeth and Dylan Charles are doing great.



    1. Patrick and Julie– congrats!! Dylan Thomas – Very Cool name , glad Elizabeth did well also. Yeah, tornado alley here we come. All eyes are wide open with nervous excitement. Really, we made it to Kansas!! I’m happy – the line on the map is getting longer!


    1. I’m starting to think– I can do this, I can do this, and suddenly Liberal, Kansas appeared. The very home of Dorothy and Toto!! We approach Tornato alley- heads are constantly turning. See ya!


    1. I’ve hired a professional whose cloistered in a small Manhattan hotel- she’s telepathic – so it’s working out pretty well –don’t you think!! Hold down the neighborhood – I’ll tell stories in a month, right after I soak my feet and reintroduce myself to that cute girl named Denise!


  4. Hey Jim, Been reading a little every day. Mentioned to Brian you would be going thru Kansas soon. He’s off to Witchita in a little over a week. You guys will already be way past that part of the country. Watch out for tornadoes or at the very least, have their winds at your back …. best wishes and keep on bikin’!


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