The Day 19: Guymon OK to Liberal Kansas

  • 5-26/2016: today was almost like a day off. I know to some of you a 40 mile ride is anything but an easy day but hey after  over 1250 miles riding- it was, no bragging really. We road through a very uniquely named city– Hooker, OK. There were plenty of spins on that name and t- shirts to match every one! We got a look at some approaching “weather” but nothing on this day. Then our 5th state line– Kansas!  The US Rt 54 is the official yellow brick. The Brits keep saying nothing is yellow, but people are making millions on the name, bloody hell that’d so American! Rode into Liberal Ks visited the Liberal Midwest Air Museum (5th largest in the country), and then wandered over to an Italian Restaurant calledRuffino’s that served fantastic food and the atmosphere was a slice of South Philly!! Perfect carbo loading lunch for our 82 mile ride to Dodge City tomorrow. How lucky so far have we been re: weather- 2 days ago there were 2 tornados within 10 mi. Of Liberal. I’m proposing we all give my wife Denise credit-let me explain. 40 years ago as I left for the 4 week trip driving to San Diego- with my parents, no less, my mother presented me with a St Anthony medal. The patron saint of travelers- it’s been in every car I’ ve owned since. Well as I’m leaving for LA and this adventure-Denise  presents me with a medal and neck chair of the Madonna Del Ghisallo. I never heard of her. So, I Looked it up , and she was officially declared by Pope Pius XII to be the Patron Saint of cyclist. Her shrine is along the course of the Famous Giro de Italia and is dedicated to injured or deceased cyclist. It  has a photo of Fabio Casartelli the renowned Italian cyclist,from that region,who was killed in the Tour de France many years ago . So far it’s been my lucky charm and I’m sticking with it.Tell me this farm and the sky don’t look like your idea of a Kansas landscape! The plane above is similar to the one that crashed and killed Buddy Holly, the Big Booper and Ritchie Valens and the pilot as they left Iowa in a rain storm in 1959. The museum was a previous Beechcraft manufacturing site that built the Beechcraft Bonanza that fell to earth that “Day the Music Died”.

8 thoughts on “The Day 19: Guymon OK to Liberal Kansas

  1. south philly in kansas??? someone left philly for california a little too early!! still enjoying your posts and pictures. all the quigley’s here in reading,pa rooting you on!

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    1. When I get a good Italian meal I always think of So Philly – it clearly was from a family w East Coast roots. No one was there at lunch to confirm but I tasted that love.?keep riding!!


  2. Now you are getting to the beautiful part of the country where dorothy found Oz… The heartbeat of America with solid handshakes an honest day’s work, and a beer for a fair price . Sorry about the rain , but the farms ( and ranches down here in S. Missouri)) are green after a too dry 18 mos.
    Ride On and remember to attach a small flag on your bikes Monday to honor those who gave their lives to protect this great country you are crossing

    – your friends at the AARP


    1. Couldn’t agree more- she becoming my favorite go to right now!! Do you think she’ll give me a pass for missing a few too many Sunday Masses! I think I won’t press my luck


  3. Hi There!

    Love the pic of the toy airplane. As well as the other fotos. Really catches the flavor of the areas y’all are riding thru. Btw, are truckers and engineers honking because they are showing their support for your cause? Is the ALS info visible? Or are they just very friendly in that part of the country?

    Anyway, hang onto Fabio for dear life …


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