Day 23: McPherson to Abilene, KS

5/30/2016: A happy Memorial Day to everyone. Lots of military history in Denise’s and my family. That quiet Father of mine landed on Omaha Beach and followed Patton thru the Bulge and on to free prisoners of war in Austria. Denise’s Dad was a career Marine and VietNam vet – they didn’t speak much about their experiences. Actions usually do speak louder and they both always though the real heroes never came home! Amazing men! Today we traveled from McPherson East an then directly north. One stop and then into Abilene on the windy wings of good luck again ! Not a city of any size in between but wheat and the start of some corn— everywhere! When we got to Abilene we stopped for lunch in Old Abilene town at the Hitching Post Reataurant and enjoyed a cold chocolate milk, roast beef on white bread covered with dark gravy and a big scoop of potatoes– finished off w chocolate cake. You can not possible get more Kansas than that! We got a peek at the local train (wait till Addie my granddaughter sees that video) and Russ and I got pulled on stage during a re-enactment of the old town Can Can show-OK so there   were only 3 of us watching the show!! Life is good for us Cowboys on bikes!!​ enjoy the video of slow moving wheat – it gives you a tiny glimpse and feel of its magical status out here!​​



9 thoughts on “Day 23: McPherson to Abilene, KS

  1. Hey Jim, Looks like you haven’t lost a step from “Oliver” our senior year at O’Hara. Catching up on your travels after 12 days away. Really enjoying your daily logs. Went for a ride today on the Chester Valley Trail. Chump change compared to your journey. Stay safe. Ray


  2. Amber waves of grain for your and Denise’s dads. You look like a giant in the Can Can line. Cool old west history lesson.


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