Day 22 : Great Bend to McPherson, KS

5/29/2016-Sunday: we started this adventure 3 Sunday’s ago today- quite frankly I’m amazed! Mostly amazed by how easy it is to loose track of where you are and the day.  Kansas is beautiful, flat and the first state during our trip where there is a sense of anxiety about the weather,  that goes beyond suffering from the heat. Now, it’s the uncertainty of what’s next?Every station on the TV has headlines that prioritize the weather by risk, namely; rain, thunder & lightening or the real beast – tornadoes! Sounds like what we see in San Diego, right!! We experienced no active rain today,  until we got into the hotel. Not much sightseeing but there was  some very high energy cycling. Sabine went out hard after the SAG break and she set off a “bit of competitive fun”  I’d have to say! She has a top end speed and endurance that was impressive. What’s there to say about McPherson– we were clearly put on notice at the local gas station/ store- “fellows there is no fear in the name McPherson”. Think your best Scotish accent when saying it! It’s a town with 2 small colleges one is of Christian denomination and an enviable economy based on agriculture, natural gas, oil and perhaps most valuable- a rather large AquaPhor of fresh water below it!  We all stopped for smoothies and coffee just outside the hotel and wouldn’t you know- a gal came up , friendly as all Kansas folks are, and she told us she came to town 30 some years ago from Bay Park in San Diego- to attend college. As she said her folks wanted to get her into a small Christian school but”little did they know- the drinking age here was 18″- sounds like every parents worry and every college kids dream!!I had time to do laundry and enjoy a little jacuzzi today- we get “lucky” on shorter ride days every so often!! If anyone’s been out this way the name Braum’s ice cream probably brings back fond memories- big scoops and great flavor so- we’re all kids at the core,  right! By the way we’ve raised just short of $10,000 so far for ALS. With 4 weeks left we are 1/4 way to our goal! We hope to arrive in Boston able to visit the TDI headquarters and look over their research facilities boastfully declaring success at reaching our goal- do help us if you can. Thanks!!!!

10 thoughts on “Day 22 : Great Bend to McPherson, KS

  1. Jim- it has been fascinating to follow your blog each day as it is like looking at a Norman Rockwell painting of Americana. Your descriptions are vivid and take the reader along for the ride but without having to grind out the miles in the heat and humidity.Best of luck for the remainder of your ride and hopefully you will obtain your fundraising goal as you complete your amazing ride.
    Thanks for having us along for this amazing journey. Wishing you the best of health and safety.

    Terry Kaltenbach


    1. We are seeing a nice slice of the country. It’s a bit of a fast look and there are pieces I’ll have to come back to reexamine. We are so lucky as American, this is an amazing place in its diversity. The fellows from the UK keep reminding us of that! Keep posting I enjoy your thoughts


  2. Fantastic! You are doiing GREAT! Really appreaciate the write-ups and the pics. Pretty soon you’ll be in some tree country!


  3. Jim, what an amazing journey!!! Pat and I did a Calaveras Mt bike ride on Saturday and after our long (1hr) ride (hehe) we couldnt stop talking about how you guys are doing this!!! I love your daily stories on where you are and the summary of your riding. Keep up the great job, be safe and enjoy the journey!!!


    1. Lori- great hearing from you. Glad to hear you’re keeping Pat on the bike. I’m trying to do the same for Kevin- after the first week escapades I think I taught him the hang of it!! Keep in touch – home is a long way off yet!!


  4. Q
    Have been following you each day. Keep up the good work. I’ve got Kevin and Jeanette following you in London, UK
    Mike Mansi


      1. Q
        Tell the guys Kevin lives in Palmer’s Green, north of London and Jeanette lives in Orpington, Kent.
        My grandsons are following your trip too. They understand that it’s with a bicycle


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