Day 28: Chillicothe to Kirksville, MO

6/4/2016: I awoke last night  at 2:00AM to the clatter and crash of a lightening and thunder eruption- I thought we were screwed for today, but wala- in the morning high clouds cleared to one of those magical times after the rain. Sky’s were painfully blue, clouds white and scattered in patterns that a kid on summer vacation could imagine were childhood sports heroes like Mickey   Mantle, Richie Ashburn or a dancing bear if you thought hard enough!! I usually ride with at least 3-7 other cyclist but after a break at 25 miles I let out for the next 25 miles on my own. Spent time just day  dreaming, smelling the fresh air and racing up and down Missouri ‘s rolling country roads. Pure adrenaline and cycling Magic. Sweeping vistas spotted with smaller farms than Kansas and the air scented with cut grass and farm animal smells not the least bit offensive! The farms often had varied size ponds or small lakes  which I imagine were filled with catfish and occasional fish abundant and inviting to the fishing rod !! We stopped on Rt 11 at the Badger Hill Farms and we were greeted by 2 ladies – the oldest in her 90’s who proudly told me that she left Missouri briefly when she was 18 to live in LA- worked for American Airlines helping with WWII planes but was glad to get back home. They own farms, run a little restaurant and with a smile served up life stories and great sandwiches. Yes there are lots of badgers in this area! The ride ended as fun as it started – we went off road  briefly to avoid a 20 mile detour- got our bike  shoes deep in river bottom mud but laughed, cussed a bit and felt like kids on a summer creek hunt. What a great day in Missouri! Hope the pics do it justice.

11 thoughts on “Day 28: Chillicothe to Kirksville, MO

  1. I am loving reading your wonderfully written story of your journey, Jim. Wish I had time every day, but I read a bunch at a time. Fabulous pics and great and warm stories. What a wonderful experience you’re having.


    1. Great hearing from you Jim. We are having a fun, working vacation. Glad you are enjoying the “inside” look at America. This Kansas, Missouri and now Illinois area are uniquely Midwestern and a rolling landscape of beauty. Wish you were here- see you soon. Keep writing – love hearing from you


  2. Jim, Another outstanding day among the most polite and gracious people in the world, Midwesterners ! After this adventure, you have more than a good future in retirement as a travel writer/blogger. I am enjoying every story and photo. Thanks.



    1. Ray, guess who I just had dinner with–Jim Beirne! Jim lives in St Louis and is on the Faculty at St Louis University. Just as a reminder he was on the OHara tennis with me , Roy and your little brother. We spent the afternoon in Hannibal Mo and toured Mark Twain’s home and city. Glad you are enjoying the “ride” w me – keep in touch!!


  3. Jim

    Am thoroughly enjoying your travel log and great photos. By my calculations you less then 20 days from Boston and the end of your great adventure. It is easy to tell from your writing that this is in so many ways a dream come true as you revel in the heartland of America. What is often referred to as “fly over” country is in fact what makes this country the great place it is despite how messed up our politicians are today.

    Keep writing this wonderful blog as you have given the readers the essence of biking across America!

    Safe journey ahead and thanks for sharing!


  4. Your portrayal of small town America had made me consider a change of lifestyle or maybe I just need a good piece of pie! I am really enjoying your journey. Stay safe!


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