Day 29: Kirksville Mo to Quincey, Illinois

June 5, 2016: Today was a much anticipated cycling day for me!! I have hoped, for so many years,to have a chance to cycle over the mother of all USA rivers and peer down at its size and beauty- today the ride over the Mississippi River was stunning and the dream complete! We had another lucky weather day- some if you may be tired of hearing me write this, but everyone who has done this ride in the past- keeps reminding us of that fact! After the ride I rekindled a great, high school friendship with Jim Beirne and his 12 yo son Alex. We had dinner in Hannibal, Mo and toured Mark Twain’s childhood home and town Right along the Miss. River . Great to reconnect with friends, it really is what life is all about! Ate some great BBQ ribs – it’s a big debate who does it best around here, do you love Kansas or Missouri – ribs?? Another big highlight-we completed 2,000 miles on our adventure!! Crazy number -it keeps happening one day at a time!!

5 thoughts on “Day 29: Kirksville Mo to Quincey, Illinois

  1. Jim, Great to see that you met Jim Beirne. Jim hasn’t changed all that much. I remember that you and Jim were on the tennis team. I recall him as a real good guy and laid back. Took a ride on the Schuylkill River Trail today in perfect conditions. Congrats on crossing the Mississippi.
    Continue to “Ride with the Wind” ! (I heard that song today, Christopher Cross)



    1. Ray-I didn’t appreciate you were such an avid cyclist, I’ll put your application in with Tracy for next years trip as soon as you give me the nod!! This is fun back and forth!! Where’s Matt- thought I’d hear him chiming in?


  2. Jim, Matt and Mary Ann are doing great. Their son, Matt, is being married this Sat. in Lacrosse, Wis. Pat and I will be there. I’ll tell Matt that you said hello and show him your blog. Hope you had a good day riding today.
    Not sure that I am ready for ride of this magnitude. I love cycling. It has replaced running as the method to stay in aerobic shape.


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