Day 31: Springfield to Champaign, Il

6/7/2016: today was a team effort for sure. Beautiful day,almost Fall like,  with a definite change in place-we are at her mercy! Wind  in our face or hard on our left. We had 12 riders on the pace line at one point and everyone was working it up and back. A thing of beauty to the CrossRoads staff as they drove past us– all work if you were in the middle. For most of us this type cycling has become common but really can be stressful — you have to stay focused to avoid wheel taps or holes in the road that are hard to see when you are 4-5 th in line. The roads were not kind to Richard – our guest from England today.Rich is a superb rider having completed several Full IronmanTriathlons  including Hawaii but today while riding by himself and attempting to slowly cross some railroad tracks that were at a very radical angle– a woman driver clipped his Left shoulder with her car mirror. It spun him around, his bike wheel locked into the tracks and over he went. He jumped right up – pump full of adrenaline- but noticed some pains. A group of us also had just passed, negotiating the same tracks safely and then together all stopped at a local bike shop. Rich was pale by then and after a quick exam it was clear he had broken his collar bone –the first bone a biker will break if he hits hard enough. A visit to the local ER confirmed the Diagnosis. It put a damper on a tough but otherwise good day- we all feel bad for him and to his credit he made light of it and didn’t hold any malice for the driver who he did make eye contact with just before she drove off without stopping! Kind bit of American driving courtesy on full display wouldn’t you say !! Check out the outrageous cycling numbers we accumulated this week- it was our biggest week on the tour so far!!

4 thoughts on “Day 31: Springfield to Champaign, Il

  1. We were worried that it was your group of riders that were hit by a car in the Midwest!!! We heard otherwise and were greatly relieved. Ride safe!


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