Day 33: Champaign, Il to Crawfordsville, Indiana

6/9/2016: our 8th state crossing– home of the Hoosiers!! Remember the movie Breaking Away– one of the best ever 1970’s era cycling movies!! We had helmet decoration day– Tracy our fearless leader insisted and after some initial resistance it happened, check the photos. That Mary of Georgetown Bagel – with her latest hair style. I came as a thin but happy Elephant. The trunk was one of my cooling arm sleeves filled with a few hotel room plastic drink cups and the ears  were made from packing bubble wrap and twist ties! Not much else to see – western Indiana is full of small and what seems like impoverished towns– hope I’m not unfair. Passing through places  on bicycles doesn’t  favor long visits so my thoughts are based on a few fast first impressions! Today was my buddy Ron Demery’s first adventure day! Classic 80 miler , few hills and he reports a very sore arse  ! Sounds like all of us from 5 weeks ago!!Welcome to the team- Ron–mission accomplished!! Now go out and do it again tomorrow!!! Question for anyone who has lived on a farm– why do tractors like the 3-wheel variety green one in the photo below, have the front 2 closely positioned tires angled in/ toed in- like they do? Enquiring minds want to know!! Crawfordsville is having their annual Strawberry festival this weekend and the local farmers must have had 15 buffed and perfectly shined tractors lined up for visitors to see! Hey, it’s farm country!! Let me know !!

5 thoughts on “Day 33: Champaign, Il to Crawfordsville, Indiana

  1. Tractor front wheels are cambered for better steering. They also throw stones and mud better than wheels that arent’ cambered.


  2. Jim- Regarding your question about the front wheel on the John Deere Tractor, my brother who like I was raised on a farm says it has to do with the bearing load on the spindle and the steering stability.


    1. Alright– there are some farmers out there — thanks Terry – I shall be the conduit for this very select bit of information. Sounds like brother had an engineering career — or should have, of course , in addition to the farming!!!


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