Day 37:Marysville to Wooster, OH

6/13/2016: The early morning started with Mary Claire, a highly educated nurse- educating me on the best way to make a peanut butter and honey bagel – for lunch!! To avoid the usual leaking of the honey (or perhaps the jelly) out of the sides– pre mix the honey into the peanut butter packet — blended beauty, and it worked. New one!! The ride included some wonderful country roads with quiet creeks and small streams running close by the road. A few hanging ropes tell me the local kids know all about these spots! There was one scary event for me today– some nasty drivers here in Ohio. I and Lou are about 100 ft from a light when it’s changes green and immediately this approaching truck with his attached trailer- home lays it on the horn. Now I’m right on the white line with nothing Right of me but gravel and weeds . This moron decides to teach me a lesson and swings the trailer towards me and Lou. Close enough to feel the thing behind my L shoulder- I head into the gravel and rode through and out w/o going down– not good, very close and totally unnecessary anger from an impatient stranger!! Anyway, it didn’t ruin the day. Rode 99 miles with some big hills at the end, including 3 with 13% grades- but 5 weeks of hills made it less stressful physically than it sounds. Wooster is a cool town- great local bike shop and a terrific coffee shop with smoothies and bagels– yeah it’s all about food or do we call it fuel, at this stage! We have 2700 miles behind us- check out the map–freaking amazing!!! If you are wondering, one photo is laundry hanging from the longest and biggest clothes line I have ever seen. There is a pulley attached to the telephone pole.This local Amish family must have some engineering know how as well as 15 kids.

8 thoughts on “Day 37:Marysville to Wooster, OH

  1. Jim – I can’t believe what you have done. You are going to make it! Like you have told me, “Stay focused” and be safe out there buddy!


    1. Close but there are still over 700 miles left– focus is critical now. I can smell home but need to finish. Tell everyone THANK YOU for the terrific NCFMG donation!! So appreciated!!


  2. more great photos. Glad you are ok from the near run in. We both know how lucky we are to have escaped some nasty spills fairly intact. Be safe for the last bit. When will you be in Cambridge? Will is just 2 miles from there so maybe he can ride over and visit.


    1. Thanks- you know what it’s like out there! We ride to Revere Beach via Boston Friday the 24th. We hope the police escort us thru town- a work day morning, yikes ! Still having fun.


    2. Thanks – you know what it’s like out there! More people equals more risk. We ride through Boston Friday the 24th to Revere Beach and s tire dip in the Atlantic. But – 700 miles remain, fun still but the grind is on also!!


  3. I hope you enjoyed your time in my home state! You definitely hit up some areas that are and feel very different from where we live – there’s always an adventure out there, that’s for sure! I haven’t made it to Amish country since my parents lived here. Maybe once Juniper gets older…I went on a 12-mile bike ride today and thought of you and how that’s just a blip in one day of this huge ride your on. Enjoy the journey!


    1. I will certainly enjoy it. Keeping riding , I think it an amazing sport that gets you out there seeing, smelling and in the middle of it all. It’s been fun having you along for this ride– keep the comments coming– I enjoy it!


    2. Thanks I will continue to enjoy this for another 10 days! You too! Glad to see you riding – it is a terrific way to see, smell and get into it all! Thanks for riding along – great fun!! Keep commenting!


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