Day 36: Richmond, IN to Marysville, OH

6/12/2016: Oh my aching bottom!! Nice opening line if you can own it! We all own that one after 105 miles into a head wind all day. Fortunately, the temps dropped into the high 80’s from the 90’s yesterday! We crossed our 9th state line and this was our sixth and final full century ride. Now tomorrow comes close at 97 but hey whose counting! Lots of smaller farms here in Ohio and several of us were guessing — have we seen more wheat farms or more corn farms on this ride!! Someone schooled in agriculture or a Commodities trader could probably give us an answer. I suspect corn since ithas more uses  is the answer– anyone know? A small Ohio town called Covington acted as an amazing host to our group. The government offices and one of the towns police officers intentionally opened up their building for us to use their facilities and cool off inside– terrific gesture!  Just before we got into Covington we rode behind an Amish family who allowed us to film their ride. I did do a slow motion of their carriage–check the pics! The day as I said was a grind but we stopped a few miles from the end for a well earned ice cream treat!!  How does a large waffle cone filled with a scoop of peach and one ofvanilla sound– it tasted even better!!. BTW – very excited to announce we are over $17 K in donations. THAT IS AMAZING!! Thank you to everyone! I don’t know if we will hit our $40 K goal but “why not”– right!! Spread the word!! Again thanks.

6 thoughts on “Day 36: Richmond, IN to Marysville, OH

  1. Following you daily – like reading a travelogue. Maybe a book in this for you. Welcome to the East! Seems like a different country at times from the Midwest. Glad also to hear how well you are doing physically -50 days on the road must be mentally draining at times but you seem to be having “the time of your life” – Keep On Truckin'”


    1. Great group of fellow riders and I can smell home and that’s a motivator. You know me — a finisher!! Keep riding and reading the support is tremendously helpful!! What an amazing place the USA!!


  2. You’ve just shown the Midwest more spandex than ever seen in those parts. Based on local diets, you are also the skinniest group they ever saw… No wonder they tried to feed you!
    By the way, any bike riding teams encountered along the trek??

    Your Friends at the AARP,


    1. We are a bit thinner than the average local– fried anything is a favorite, but I had a locally raised Elk burger yesterday- surprise there!! No other riders out there – i am disappointed. Spirits are still high as we head out of the heat and towards Lake Erie. Stay well and ride on!!


  3. Hey Uncle Jim!! You are right in our backyard now!! I love seeing all of your pictures of our awesome country!! Stay safe!!


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