Day 40: rest day in Erie, Pa.

6/16/2016-Thurs : now I imagine everyone thinks I’m including the day of the week lately just as a part of good blog manners, how does it sound if I confess it is just to keep me oriented to the day of the week or else I’ll forget? Time is taking on a new dimension when you are focused on one physically demanding activity like this. But fear not– this is not the start of a twilight zone storyline!! Sad to say our visit into my home state will be limited to a single day in Erie. Seems like a cool place but most of us just need a day to chill out, do things like wash the laundry, clean up and oil down the bike, reconnect with family and friends and rest. I may be taking an afternoon nap today– think of that!! I’ve included a photo of the summary of our last 4 weeks of riding- we are all laughing because there is no way you could convince any of us to leave the house at home and ride 99-105 miles every day for 4 days like we have these past 2 weeks. The impact of setting a goal and heading towards it, is a  powerful force indeed! Hope everyone is enjoying the blog, it’s been really fun reconnecting!! This final week we head east into New York with stops in Hamburg, Canandaigua, Syracuse, Herkimer,  and Latham – I’ve never been in any of these towns.We finish the ride via Brattleboro, Vt (lots of hills from what I hear) then on to Burlington, MA and into Boston 6/24 for a dip of the tires in the Atlantic!! We have a final farewell dinner with families and friends that evening– anyone want in? Let me know!! I can’t wait to see Denise- a really good hug and a smooch on the cheek — stuff of dreams isn’t it!! If you can’t make it up here no problem,  just ride along with the blog and I’ll keep on reporting-ah- it is Thursday, right!! Don’t worry Jim Hay — it ain’t dementia, just the rider zone we’re traveling in!!

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