Day 41: Erie, Pa. To Hamburg, NY

6/17/2016: The morning was gorgeous, it felt like a crisp spring East Coast day with temps in the 50-60 range and a slight breeze in our faces! We left town and headed northeast on St. Rt. 5 within eyesight of Lake Erie.There were a few white caps and lots of vineyards. I found out this is a big Concord grape growing region. If the winters weren’t so brutal this area would be paradise. The lake effect dumps tons of snow and lots of nasty Canadian weather here each winter. We stopped for our 11th state line crossing. The photos aren’t great because of the Suns position, but we are in NY and take note — most of the guys are wearing Bike4Mike Coast 2 Coast powder blue jerseys — the team has been assembled!! Look out France! Not too much else to report. 5 of us covered the 80 miles at 16.7 mph into a strong 12-15 mph face wind– we motored along thanks to “the power of the Peleton”!! If a rider sits in the 2-3 position in a 5 man line- he can reduce his work load by an estimated 15% — that’s why we ride so closely together. We are now all good buds but reducing each other’s bike work really is a huge benefit also!!​ enjoy the video it was shot by Kevin – it gives you a feel for what a  ride is like! Hear that wind.

6 thoughts on “Day 41: Erie, Pa. To Hamburg, NY

  1. Hi Jim, Catching up with your adventurous journey after having been at Matt’s sons wedding in Wis. Matt and Mary Ann say hello. The wedding was terrific. Read your post when you crossed the Pa. line. Poignant comments about your folks. You are looking great and ready for the final push. God speed and fair winds. Ray


  2. I’m also catching up. Was in Chicago for AMA. So how much weight have you lost? You do look great, but then you always did anyway, no fair. Makes the rest of us look that much older.


    1. See you real soon, I’ll be in to catch up and sign some docs next Wednesday . Haven’t lost any significant weight, I m so paranoid about that I’m constantly eating but on strip like this THAT IS the way to do it.


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