Day 42: Hamburg to Canandaigua NY

6/18/2016: well today marks 6 weeks since we first gathered on May 7th to begin our trip. At that time getting to where we are today seemed sooooo far away! Today we rode 94 miles and much of it was along roads nestled among hillsides covered with established old farm fields alongside  big farm homes with multiple barns and old and new equipment. These areas are in clear contrast to some of the less wealthy farming communities of Indiana, Ohio and certainly Oklahoma!! This is a beautiful area with the weather today playing right along– again!! Right now there is no rain on the horizon which could mean we will have had 1/2 day of rain in 7 weeks! That according to the staff is unprecedented !! Check out the photo of the down and then uphill section of road we traveled today– that thing was a monster. We had a great SAG stop today. For those not familiar with the term, in cycling there are times when the most welcome face you hope to see are those folks in the Support and Gear (SAG) team. They provide food, water and a lot of moral support to each of us. Our 2nd SAG was in the town circle of Avon NY on a shady lawn. The temp had risen from 62 in the morning to 92 by 1 pm. A nice sandwich, cool drink and a smiling face at 64 miles into the ride– amazingly helpful!! Our final stop today was  Canandaigua , which is located on a Lake by the same name, and one of the 5 finger lakes in this area . If the winters weren’t so bad– I’d live here!  We swam briefly after a stop at Starbuck’s for a food an caffeine refuel – thanks to Bill Doering’s gift card from day 1. Finally used it Bill!! The video as silly as it seems was shot by buddy Ron- and included Sabine, Paul and I- Kevin had just exited the swim area  due to a shark scare!!​

5 thoughts on “Day 42: Hamburg to Canandaigua NY

  1. Thought of you a lot this morning. I did my first training ride for Pedal for a Cause (for San Diego Cancer Research). I bike commute 15-20 miles very flat broken in half by work three days a week as a base. However, for my first session today, I rode from the coast highway to La Costa (waved to Rich’s house) bordering Encinitas out Rancho Santa Fe Road/Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove to Escondido and back Del Dios through RSF to Encinitas. I thought it was hot (maybe 80) and hilly and was tired at the end but it was only about 35 miles and thus I’m in awe of your accomplishments. We had a SAG stop at a beginner level at mile 22. You guys are doing 3 times that in way tougher conditions – for 7-8 weeks straight. Yikes! Keep the good work up..


    1. Nice start though, that ride thru Elfin and out Del Dios was a mainstay for my preparation. As you get stronger you be running thru Fairbanks, up triple wh itches and down 56 to the coast . Hope you have time to build it up slowly. When is the ride?


      1. Ride is in November. When you get back and I get better and you want to do an easy 40 mile day you can show me the rest of the ride in person (hopefully when it is cooler than today).


  2. Can’t believe it’s been 42days!! You’re almost there! What an amazing accomplishment this will be. Great pics………what a beautiful place. Could almost feel how refreshing that swim was! Enjoy the rest of your ride this week and happy Father’s day!!
    xoxo Cathy and Pat


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