Day 43: Canandaigua to Syracuse NY

Sunday 6/19/2016: Happy Father’s Day to all!! This was considered a short day 69 miles with 2400 ft of elevation climbs!! Rode all the way with Ron who has now been touring for 10 days and definitely getting stronger!! Again great weather with a slight tailwind but temps got to 92 by 1 pm. The afternoons do that out here which is a motivation to go harder in the early day hours!! We passed through Waterloo NY which is the 1866 birthplace of the official Memorial Day celebration. We passed by Seneca Falls where scenes from “Its a good life” were shot and got a Brief look at the Erie Canal Park and water way! Shot a video through a cool parkway in Camillus and got stopped by the red flashing lights and fast lowering RR gates of a long passing train– we consider that a forced rest stop! We had several chances to see The finger lakes in Geneva NY – beautiful area! And today we passed 3000 miles on our trip– 4 1/2 days of cycling left– the emotion is one of happiness and,  sadness as well! On Wednesday, Kevin and I will be going by the home of A fellow who has been following our blogs, and has ALS. Hie disease stage is very severe and he is restricted to his bedroom– we hope to infuse a bit of our ride into his world– I think he will be infusing a real taste of ALS reality into ours even more. If you haven’t made a donation yet please go to the “menu” section of the blog and into “interested in making a donation”. If there is any confusion — let me know. We need everyone’s support !! Thanks a bunch!!

10 thoughts on “Day 43: Canandaigua to Syracuse NY

  1. Hi Jim,
    You guys are moving right along! I have friends who live in Canandaigua. You don’t hear that name too often!

    It’s been hot here in CA lately. The RAAM team division race started yesterday, and we escorted the first team down the bike path from Oceanside. The riders also got a police escort, too.

    Wishing you success as you finish your epic ride. Happy Father’s Day!


  2. Hi Jim,

    What an incredible journey and accomplishment. You and your team are amazing!!!! Congratulations to all!!



    1. Nancy- wonderful hearing from you. I was wondering if you were riding along! This trip has been life changing in a lot of ways . We’ve raised nearly $20 K for ALS research while having fun – great combination!! Keep with me we are almost there!!


  3. Hey Jim..Unbelievable trip. Some facts you probably never knew about me. The pictures were near and dear to me as I lived in Camillus NY from 4th grade to Sophomore year of HS. My Dad had a grocery store on Route 5 then known as main street. I fished as a kid in the Erie Canal, I was the catcher on the LL baseball team and my nickname was “”dry goods”.!! You helped me to relive those memories and yes it is a beautiful part of this great country..I am sure that your cross country trek is filling your spirit with a deep sense of pride and accomplishment, not to mention inner peace. I have been fortunate to know you and I wish you all the best in the home stretch. Gary


    1. Gary– that is an amazing story !! You are right – I never knew that about you!! Wish I had known sooner I would have photographed the old store, if it was there!! Don’t mind me but I’m adding your comments to my blog tonight! Keep riding we are almost there!!


  4. Happy Father’s Day to you Jim. I had one to remember because I got to ride from Las Pulgas to the north end of San Clemente and back with my son Scott and his wife. We rode 29 miles which would be a little warm-up for you and your group. It’s the same ride I do with Doug and our biking group every Tuesday. Come and join us when you get back. I’ll even buy you lunch after the ride.

    Rick Lidster


    1. Rick- great hearing from you !! That’s one of my favorite stretches– do you stop at the sugar shack up in San Clemente? Say hello to Doug– once I get resettled I’ll take you up on that ride!! Thanks for riding along!!


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