Day 2 Riverside to Indio

Another pedestrian, retirement day- 99 big ones!! Oh my aching– where do I start! Total fun, weather gods were  kind in the desert today, high of 90. Great group of people 21 cycling 4 Brits , 1 Scotsman and 5 strong ladies. Tomorrow look out- we  continue on into the heat to Blythe. Lots of time on Interstate 10. It’s the only way out of the Valley! Snow was still on Mt San Jacinto today. Lots of flat tires out on Rt 10, it’s the heat effect and the wires splintering off the big truck tires that are in pieces everywhere. It’s a mine field out here! This is the part of the ride that I struggle to find attractive as the cars and buses etc. buzz by. You have to spend time getting appreciate what’s here.


9 thoughts on “Day 2 Riverside to Indio

  1. Hi, Tom here from XC12. Looks like you are really hitting the WX perfectly.
    When we crossed into Palm Springs – Indio in 2012, my Garmin read a temperature of 120.9! I think it was about 115 outside.
    Good luck on the desert crossing. It is actually very beautiful.
    Tom Massoth


  2. Hi Jim – We have the US map displayed in the waiting room at North Coast so all the old patients can follow your progress. Stay hydrated and hopefully you get an early start!


  3. About time you got down to work. Forget what your comrades in pain think, get yourself one of those wide, padded seats…. Especially the ones filled with cooling gel for the desert.
    A little geritol in the morning will give you a lift. Get strength knowing that I , and all your friends at the AARP , are pulling for you.!


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