Day 14: Rest day in Santa Fe

May 22, 2016: good time for a day off. It was time for a group dinner last night at the Blue Corn rest. & brewery. The southwest style Mexican food is a bit spicier than home style mex food – but enjoyed it. Today was also a catch up day for laundry, haircut and getting restocked with some bike stuff. We spent some time downtown also, but needed a shuttle to ride the 5 miles there- no way are any of us riding bikes today. Went to the depot district, farmers market and wandered thru the plaza w hucksters, guitarist, kids doing break dancing- it’s a Saturday bonanza of things to see. Cool town and a revisit is needed.

One thought on “Day 14: Rest day in Santa Fe

  1. Jim

    Love your blog as you are taking your readers along for the journey without all the aches and pains of 90-100 mile days of fighting wind, rain, and serious altitude & temperature changes. Keep up the good work and are you picking up additional donors to the cause along the way? We look forward to each day’s posting. Ride safely!!


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