Day 20: Liberal to Dodge City, Kansas

5/27/2016: we awoke to a cloudy and much cooler morning. Temps about 48 and swirling winds. With reports of 40% chance of afternoon rains. Lucky for us (again) it never happened. We rode with wind off our left shoulder on more of a 2 lane high speed highway, which meant ever truck coming towards you- threw a jolt of air our way and if approaching from behind , a sudden push. Most give us space but honestly the least sensitive to cyclist so far are people in big RVs or motor homes. A guy like me who was crazy in love with westerns and Cowboys and Indian games as a kid – loved today. We visited the museum housing the Dalton gang hideout. The photos tell their history, but what was really fun was what happened as we left the site. Walking across the street were these 2 guys in their late 70’s or early 80s and one of their daughters. We start talking because everybody in Kansas seems to be so friendly- kind of like my longtime patients Ben & Theresa Krische in Encinitas . Ben is from Kansas and as friendly as anyone I ever met- now I know why!Anyway, turns out that these   2 brothers grandfather lived in this town in the 1880’s when the Daltons were the bad guys and he was part of a posse that chased them. Well granddaddy apparently was in a gun fight w them and had the bridge of his nose shot off- real history -we were so  lucky to run into these two right in front of the hide out! We arrived in Dodge City home of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson and others as our 85 mile ride ended. Cowboy country and great western history surrounds us! Check out the photos of several tornadoes that were spotted 5 miles from here 2 days ago- yikes!! The pictures were sent on the spot from Rachel, another Great Kansas lady who came up to us talking away and wanting to help us with a group photo. She stopped without asking – so friendly!

One thought on “Day 20: Liberal to Dodge City, Kansas

  1. Love the Western doctor bag; doesn’t look a lot different than some of my friends’ ones in medical school


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