Day 35: Indianapolis to Richmond, IN

Sat. 6/11/2016: I really liked what little I saw of Indianapolis. This is the new home of Alex Wolfe , the son of our good friends Mike and Holly Wolfe. Alex finished up his MBA at Notre Dame and now is working with Eli Lilly. Sorry but our stay was to brief to visit!! The ride from Indy was fairly flat, good winds prevailed for the 78 mile ride. Ron and I covered the distance at 14.6 mph – a comfortable pace. Lots of farmland with a scattering of homes built on those farms sold off to developers. Felt a bit like San Diego north county 30 years ago!There is a small Amish community in Haggersman and a few horse drawn wagons were spotted. Expect more on Sunday tomorrow. It was hot again, 96 and humid. As annoying as the wild variations in terrain were out west of here– this stretch is so similar as to be forgettable. But I captured the sense of the area in the photos for sure! We had an Elvis look alike celebration as a result of our Brit Howard’s funny story early in the trip where he described riding one of the big climbs in Europe and he’s killing himself– and suddenly this rider, in full Elvis outfits,rides up, says hello and speeds past him. We all wanted to be that Elvis!

We are now 2 weeks from ending the journey. I’m still excited, but missing Denise and home. But Kevin and I are still driven to reach our ALS donation goals, and that also is driving us forward. There is a fellow living in Brattleboro, Vt who has been following Kevin’s blog who is suffering very badly from ALS and is restricted to his bedroom most of the time. He is an active example of the many people out there who suffer from ALS. We hope to visit him as we pass through his town!! If you are considering a donation- let me ask you to do so very soon. We want to be able to demonstrate to this man and the people at the ALS- TDI in Cambridge Mass that our efforts Did make a difference. And with everyone’s help we can do so. Thanks. Just go to the top of the website , enter the menu section and tap “Are you interested in donating”. Any amount WILL make a difference!! 


5 thoughts on “Day 35: Indianapolis to Richmond, IN

    1. Marilyn– I was worried that I had forgot to send the link to you guys!! Sorry we will not be visiting Chicago– but Erie is coming up soon. I know it doesn’t have the Sexy Lake appeal of the big C– but I hear they try hard!!


    2. Hi Mar- I thought I might have forgot to send the link. We’re out of Illinois so no visit to Chicago– we do have Erie . I know their Lake view isn’t as sexy but we hear they try hard !! Keep riding – we are in Boston the 24th


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